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Your medical device inspection specialist

Your medical device

inspection specialist

Techno-Port is a brand-independent company that is responsible for the inspection, maintenance, repairs and installation of medical equipment in the Benelux.

Thanks to our expertise, we try to make your medical equipment work optimally and permanently. We can also help with support, training and training for the preparation of test procedures in ANSUR.

With our measuring equipment from Fluke we are able to inspect your medical devices professionally and quickly. ANSUR and HydroGraph ensure accurate and detailed transfer of data. After each inspection you will receive an extensive report with all tested results.

Installation and repairs

Preventive maintenance

Measuring equipment

Discover Techno-Port

Your medical device inspection specialist

Our expertise

Techno-Port usually provides its services in hospitals, healthcare institutions, private hospitals and private practices.

We have experience in:

patient monitors

defibrillators and AEDs

NIBP blood pressure monitors

SpO2 saturation meters

ECG equipment


examination lamps & cold light sources

research chairs & tables

ENT equipment


electrical safety tests IEC 62353

digital x-ray systems at veterinarians


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Is your medical equipment ready for maintenance? Discover Techno-Port!

Do you need help with the installation of your medical equipment or is it time for a maintenance? Then you've come to the right place. Techno-Port is your medical device inspection specialist and completely brand independent. Fast and good service is what we stand for.

What can you contact Techno-Port for?

At Techno-Port you can go for various services. Do you want to check whether your AED device is still working properly? Does your medical equipment provide the correct diagnosis?

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Are the results of your medical devices correct and accurate? Together we can check whether they work correctly and extend their lifespan. Thanks to the best measuring equipment of the labour market and our adapted transport, we guarantee a fast and good service.

Are you looking for a specialist in the inspection of medical equipment? Do you live in Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg? Techno-Port helps you to extend the life of your medical devices. For a fast and reliable service, you are the right address. Contact us by phone on +32 486 39 56 86 or +32 53 78 68 62 or via e-mail for an appointment.

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+32 486 39 56 86


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